Sen. Ted Cruz Urges Pastors To Preach Biblical Marriage In New Letter To Pastors

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has urged Pastors in the U.S. to stand up and start preaching biblical marriage.  He has sent out a letter to thousands of pastors this past week urging them to action before the U.S. Supreme Court takes up the issue of gay marriage on Tuesday, April 28, 2015.

He is asking for pastors to preach and pray over the issue of biblical marriage.  Here are a few of his thoughts:  

“Prayer moves our God to intervene in history. Prayer softens our hearts and brings us into alignment with the heart of God. The church has not shared the truth about marriage well: it is time to repent and commit ourselves to courage on this front,” said Cruz.

“Regardless of what happens in the Supreme Court, or anywhere else, we know that the truth will never be obsolete. The union of man and woman in marriage will always be relevant. People will continue to need marriage, and to desire it — because we are made in the image of God, creatures who value authentic companionship and intimate connection,” he added.

This is an interesting stand by someone who is considered to be one of the top Presidential candidates for the 2016 election.  His letter and stand come just a couple of days after Sen. Marco Rubio said that he is not against gay marriage, but that he believes it should be between one man and one woman.

I have to say that I am a conservative Christian voter and generally vote Republican.  It is interesting to see the differences on some of the bigger issues already coming to the forefront.  I do have to add that issues such as this one, those that come up against biblical teachings and what Christ wants for our lives, have to be looked at very closely by Christian Americans.

You can read about the entire issue and the whole article at The Christian Post


What are your thoughts?

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