God Complex: Brain Implant Decodes Your Intentions

An article appearing today on the New Scientist website suggests that scientists may be able to predict your future decisions within a couple of years by use of a simple brain implant.

That reality is on the cards, now that a brain implant has been developed that can decode a person’s intentions. It has already allowed a man paralyzed from the neck down to control a robotic arm with unprecedented fluidity.

But the implications go far beyond prosthetics. By placing an implant in the area of the brain responsible for intentions, scientists are investigating whether brain activity can give away future decisions – before a person is even aware of making them. Such a result may even alter our understanding of free will.

This brings up a whole gambit of questions.  If this implant could predict future decisions, would we want to have this done?  The biggest question that I have, though, is “Why?”

The article goes on to say that people could just think of something, let’s say (their example) the coffee maker turning on, and it would happen.  I do not think that this is worthy of an operation to place tiny implants within my brain for said action.

So why is this important, and why am I writing about this on a Christian blog about Holiness?

The Bible tells us that God knows our actions and our intentions before we ever do anything.  The reason why I mention this article is for the simple fact that I am starting to see a bigger pattern of a human “God-Complex” taking shape.  Science is placing more and more emphasis on decoding life, trying to be God, and to see just how far humans can go within the realm of things.  We are reading and learning about movements to help us live longer–some are now mentioning “indefinitely,” and now we read that science is now trying to record and decode our thought patterns as predictors of our intentions.

I am not sure that I like the idea of someone knowing my intended action before I make it.  How about you?  What about those brain implants?  I don’t like that idea either.

It is one thing for God to know our actions and our thoughts.  He is the great Creator of life.  It is completely something different for man to know the same information and for us to trust that only good will come out of this.  It will be interesting to see how this comes out in the years to come.


What are your thoughts?

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