Unspoken Life, Eternal

That’s what I live for

It’s about history

We don’t think “If I crash..

What is going to happen to me?”

You put it all out there to win

What makes it worth taking the risk?

Honestly, It’s the thrill of victory

This is the ony thing that matters to me

These guys are trying to steal

This one opportunity from me

You feel like a Superhero, A legend

Your face lives on in infamy

Plastered in silver for the whole world to see

It’s all about that trophy.

It’s all about that trophy.


Look at your face in the mirror

And tell me who is staring back at you

Is it a trophy you see?  Is it infamy?

God created you in His image

That’s Him you see

You put speed in His image-before life & death

Caring less and less about every breathe

But He still loves you

He still died for you

Resurrected, He still cries for you

He took the nails in His hands

And His feet for you

Why would He do such a thing

When you could care less about His name?

It was so you could have a place to turn

When things were going insane

He would walk with you and talk with you

And carry your shame

In Jesus’ name..

But you have to cry out to Him

Repent of your sins

You have to tell Him that you accept Him

That you love Him and want forgiven

In that moment it’s forgotten

Arms wide open

The Cross…unspoken.

Your idols destroyed

no more…it’s all unspoken



Continue reading to get the story behind this poem.

This poem came to me after watching the introduction to the 2015 Indianapolis 500.  All of the drivers, every one of them, lost within their idol.  The speed, the race, the glory, it has taken each and every one of them away from God.  They want to be looked upon as a “God”.  To have the eyes directed at them.  To be remembered.  To be famous.  Their families, their wives, their God.  Nothing means more to them than this race.

The Sunday School class that I teach has been going through a book on idols and what we place before God.  It is interesting that this video came out when it did.  It just all fit together.

Something interesting:  If you watch the following video, you will actually hear many of the lines found in the beginning of this poem.  I let the drivers speak of their idols.

What do you place before God?


What are your thoughts?

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