First Home for Sex Trafficked Boys To Open in U.S.

A Christian couple is answering a call to open the first home for sex-trafficked boys in the United States.  We hear of these homes opening from time to time, but they have all generally been directed at females.  It is estimated that 50% of all sex-trafficked children are males–something that kind of stays in the shadows when it comes to talking about these terrible crimes against children.

The article published at Christian goes on to mention many of the trials and frustrations that this ministry has encountered, including the devastating beliefs that these children are the problem and that crime rates will go up where this home is planted.  How terrible for these children to think that others will not be there them!

Anchor House is set to open in the Fall of 2016 and will house between 4 and 12 sex-trafficked boys, age 12-18.  The couple who have helped to move forward with this calling, know that God is directing their initiatives.  Their brand new facility can already boast of being debt free the day it opens.  Anchor House is currently in the process of a fund drive to raise $400,000 additional dollars to help offset the cost of running the facility in the future.

Let us keep the Anchor House, the Smith family, and the boys that will housed there in our prayers in the days ahead.  God is definitely in the midst of this ministry and His hand in this can be seen all over the place.  Read the article to see what God is doing through this family and ministry.  Very cool stuff.


What are your thoughts?

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