Bible: Age and Controversy in the News

Two different stories in two major news sources are reflecting upon the Bible today in two very different ways–yet each continue to show that The Holy Bible is still the most talked about and most discussed book that has ever been published.

Fox News is currently running an article about The Bible making the top ten list of books most challenged at public libraries and schools.  The Bible came in at #6 on the list compiled by the American Library Association.  This should not come as to much of a surprise to anyone in today’s day and age.  I am sure that the Bible makes the list on a yearly basis.  I was surprised to see it at #6.  One would think that it would be at the top, or at least closer to the top.  It was noted that the ALA does not oppose having bibles in public schools.

It should also be noted that most of the books rounding out the top ten in this list have been objected over high sexuality, language, homosexuality, and transgender themes.  The Bible is the only religious text to make the list–that could be due to the controversial text of the book, or possibly on the fact that the Bible is a more regular check-out at school libraries.  I am hoping for the latter.

The second major news story regarding the Bible has to do with new evidence pointing to books of the Old Testament possibly being around longer than originally thought.  The New York Times’ article points to the discovery of ancient letters being scribed on pottery–suggesting a more literate society than originally thought and a new way of sharing information between people.  This could provide new clues on how some of the older biblical narratives were passed down through the years.  The discovery of these shards of pottery, pertaining to troops in Judah, still leaves much room for speculation, but it does make for an interesting article.  I still find it amazing that new discoveries regarding the Bible and the history it contains continue to be revealed in our time.


What are your thoughts?

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