City of Ft. Wayne Trashing Homeless Belongings

The city of Ft. Wayne, Indiana is showing itself to not be friendly to it’s local homeless population.  WANE TV is reporting that Ft. Wayne is planning on doing a “homeless sweep” on Tuesday, May 3rd, at 8am.  Basically, they are telling the homeless under the Ewing St. bridge that they must move along or have the very little belongings they own thrown away.

I made a rather lengthy post on Facebook about my thoughts in regards to all of this.  Those thoughts are as follows:

“This is heartbreaking to me. This is the exact same bridge that I stood under in December talking to the homeless gentleman about the love of Jesus. Much of this stuff that the city is sweeping out will have been donated by many of you to the homeless situation in Ft. Wayne–whether that is through The Rescue Mission or The Blessed Portion Ministries and the many volunteers that help out her ministry. I could not imagine being this homeless, finally getting a couple of things to help you survive, then the city comes and forces you back to nothing. A Portapotty and a trashcan could go a long way in helping this situation (hear that Boudoir Noir?). With the manpower that the city of Ft. Wayne says they have to pay to clean up these areas–they could very easily give the homeless another solution==cheaper. Muncie, Indiana recently invested in some tiny houses for their homeless with good success. It is basically a shed, but better than living under a bridge. Or, the homeless gentleman in the article had an even cheaper solution–just some land that they can camp on without the threat of being harassed and kicked out and having their things basically stolen from them and trashed. TRASHED. The city thinks the homeless in Ft. Wayne is worth less than the ‘trash’ it regularly discards. How sad. The city of Ft. Wayne needs to spend a single night with the homeless. They need to see the single mothers and their kids freezing on the streets in the middle of winter with not even a pair of gloves. God bless those who continually give to the homeless causes in Ft. Wayne. God bless those who give of themselves for the homeless in any city in the U.S., and God bless our homeless. They are no less a person than you are–even through their addictions or just hard luck life–Christ loves them the same. I will never understand these actions by Ft. Wayne. Mayor Tom Henry, when the city becomes more important than it’s people–it is time to reevaluate and redirect our thoughts with votes. Remember that the tarnish is generally the only thing people will remember on a piece of silver.

The sad part about all of this is that come Tuesday evening, after you make the sweeps–the homeless will still be provided for, they will still be given what they need to survive, AND they will still be hunkered down under that bridge again. Your “sweep” does absolutely nothing except waste money, time, and energy hurting people who have already been hurt so much that they live under a bridge in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Add this to your prayer list tonight: Pray for the homeless in Ft. Wayne and in your community, pray for the volunteers and homeless organizations that tirelessly work against situations like this, pray for those who have to follow orders from the mayor and pray for Mayor Tom Henry.

I should also add that if anyone is interested in helping these people survive after the city sweeps the area–you can donate directly to The Blessed Portion Ministries (Gina Burns) and The Rescue Mission. I am sure that there are many other ministries and organizations doing wonderful work for the homeless of Ft. Wayne, but these are the two that I have been directly involved with in the past. If you know of any other organizations or ministries working to help the homeless in Ft. Wayne, feel free to share links or names of the organizations and ministries

I know that Ft. Wayne will be getting a HUGE amount of publicity nationally in the coming week, with every single Presidential candidate set to speak at some point over the next three days.  I also know that Mayor Tom Henry is a Democrat that has actively backed and thrown his support behind Hillary Clinton.  I think it is time that I am proactive and Tweet this out to Mr. Cruz and Mr. Trump.  My hope would be that it would get a mention of what Mr. Henry stands for and possibly what the candidates’ thoughts are in regards to not only Ft. Wayne’s homeless situation, but the homeless situation nationally.  Think I’ll get a response?  It is worth a try..

If you agree with me: Share this post. Would love to hear your comments on this, too.


3 thoughts on “City of Ft. Wayne Trashing Homeless Belongings

    1. I agree. A few people have mentioned all of the abandoned buildings just taking up needless space around Ft. Wayne. Why not tear one down (if it can’t be used for housing) and allow them to live there? It is estimated that Ft. Wayne has between 3-500 homeless on any given day/night. Many of them find shelter through The Rescue Mission or other means. Very few decide to stay on the streets or under the bridges, specially in the winter. It would be nice to have a “Safe” area for them to go to. This would solve a couple of issues: 1) they would have a place to go without harassment or the threat of having their items thrown away, 2) it would also allow the city to know where the homeless people are for safety reasons etc. I do not see a problem with this. I do think that it would be cheaper for the city to set something up in a secure area, rather than spending the money on basically what amounts to little more than harassment. Thanks for becoming the first person to comment on this site, Karen. Appreciate it. I will be watching these situations in Ft. Wayne closely and responding as needed.


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