Prayer Alert: Japan Hit By 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake

Japan has been hit by a second major earthquake in two days.  On Thursday, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit the island country destroying homes and buildings and killing 9 people.  What was thought to be the major quake in Japan, turned in to just a large tremor as another bigger earthquake struck yesterday.  This one a magnitude 7.3.

We want to keep Japan in our prayers as they continue to deal with the devastation and damage and loss of life of this major earthquake in the days ahead.  It is being reported that at least 40 people have been killed and a thousand others have reportedly been injured–these are still very early reports as these situations go.

Photos and stories are starting to emerge of some of the damage done in the region, including an amazing rescue of an 8 month old baby that had been trapped in a house that had fell down.

Pray for the people of Japan and those rescue workers and first responders that are trying to help as much as possible.  Let’s also pray that aid–food, water, and shelter, can be established quickly for those affected in these regions.


Russell Wolfe, Producer of Christian Movie “God’s Not Dead,” Loses Battle With Lou Gerhrig’s Disease

Sadly, the Christian Examiner is reporting that Russell Wolfe, founder of Pure Flix- a Christian production company, has passed away at the age of 50 from ALS (Lou Gerhrig’s Disease).

Pure Flix was responsible for producing the hit Christian film “God’s Not Dead” that received rave reviews from Christian media and the mainstream.  Mr. Wolfe also had a starring role in this film.

It is also noted that Mr. Wolfe helped produce the sequel, “God’s Not Dead 2,” which will be released in theaters in Spring 2016.

“I was so calm in reaction to the news,” Russell explained. “I’ve been through a lot of storms in my life, and God has certainly delivered me from each one,” Wolfe explained. “So when he gave me the news, I just looked at it as an opportunity to stand in my faith, and now we’ll just see (how) God uses this for his Glory.”  Russell Wolfe when speaking to Movie Guide magazine about his diagnosis of ALS.

Let’s keep Mr. Wolfe’s friends, family, and associates in our prayers.


Massive 7.8 Earthquake Rocks Nepal, Triggers Avalanche On Everest

Massive 7.8 earthquake hits Nepal.  04/25/15 Hundreds have been killed and many more injured.

Massive 7.8 earthquake hits Nepal. 04/25/15 Hundreds have been killed and many more injured.


Nepal has been rocked by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has killed more than 1,000 people in the area and has left parts of the country in complete ruins.  The earthquake has also triggered a large avalanche on nearby Mt. Everest that has killed many climbers in the area, as well.

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