Tiny Houses For The Homeless Not A Good Answer For Ft. Wayne

I recently published an article about how the city of Ft. Wayne was going to be doing a sweep of the homeless belongings left under the Wells St. Bridge on Tuesday (tomorrow) May 3rd, at 8 am.  The article has drawn some attention to what the city of Ft. Wayne is doing to help it’s local homeless population and what other measures could be taken so that those who are homeless do not lose what little belongings they possess, while also protecting the assets that many local organizations from Allen and surrounding counties donate to those they are trying to help.

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City of Ft. Wayne Trashing Homeless Belongings

The city of Ft. Wayne, Indiana is showing itself to not be friendly to it’s local homeless population.  WANE TV is reporting that Ft. Wayne is planning on doing a “homeless sweep” on Tuesday, May 3rd, at 8am.  Basically, they are telling the homeless under the Ewing St. bridge that they must move along or have the very little belongings they own thrown away.

I made a rather lengthy post on Facebook about my thoughts in regards to all of this.  Those thoughts are as follows:

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Special Prayer Request: Nepal Earthquake and Massive Avalanche On Everest

Urgent Prayer Request:  Many of you may or may not know, but there has been a massive earthquake in Nepal. Much death and destruction has occurred in Nepal, Tibet, China, and India. Everest has been hit very hard. Some of you may not know this, but for many years I covered the climbing seasons on Mt. Everest and other mountains in the region for my own site and others. I have many, many friends still climbing and some of them are currently in the area and the news isn’t good. We do know that there are fatalities on Everest. First Base Camp has been rocked hard by an avalanche. This is the prime time for climbers to be in the area. I am getting small bits of information from climbers in the area, but most communications are down. The Khumbu Valley has also been hit hard. Many of the Sherpas who help the climbers up and down Everest live in this area. I have friends there, as well as Nepal and Tibet. They all need prayers right now. Everyone who is affected, all the climbers, their families who are back home worried about them, their Sherpa teams, and the expedition teams. So sad to hear about this today. Praying that rescue teams can get to the region quickly and help save as many as possible from further harm. Alan Arnette has posted a brief audio update from Camp 2 this morning on Lhotse. Lhotse is a neighboring mountain, but both share the same Base Camp. He is ok. He makes it clear, though..that others are not. Please send up some special prayers today.

Urgent Prayer Request:  The Asia-Pacific Region of the Church of the Nazarene has put out an urgent prayer request for a member of their Regional Advisory Council who lost his wife in a tragic accident.  We urge you to take a moment and pray with us.  You may read more here.