Pastor Greg Locke on Target’s Transgender Restroom Controversy

Pastor Locke makes some great points regarding the Target ‘transgender’ controversy. What are your thoughts on how he says Christians should be dealing with issues that cross not only what Christians believe and stand for, but also the very basic morality/common sense of it all? Comment with your thoughts.



Bible Reading Marathon Set for U.S. Capital

A 90 hour Bible reading marathon will be taking place outside the U. S. Capital building from May 1st to May 5th, 2016.  Hundreds of Christians from many differing denominations will be taking part in the reading during the 5 day marathon.

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The “Jesus Lunch” Controversy

Middleton, Wisconsin has become the latest battleground for schools and religious freedom in the United States.  The controversy has erupted after a group of school mothers started hosting a free lunch in a nearby park that included a message about Jesus.  Many of the schoolchildren, who are allowed to leave school property to eat, were making their way to the park for the free meal and the message.


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